How to watch Cloud DVR Recordings on the fuboTV App?

Cloud DVR enables users to record their favorite sports games while they are away. The recording capacity of the DVR can vary based on the plan and add-on selected. The users can press the record button on their remote from the guide menu and can record up to 1000 hours of content.

In this article, we’re going to show you How to watch Cloud DVR recordings on the fuboTV App?

Just follow these simple steps –

Step 1: Go to the home screen where you normally start. Select the fuboTV icon from the home screen to launch fubo TV

Step 2: Click the Recordings button from Menu, Now you see the list of all downloaded Series, Events, or Movies.

Step 2 - Click the Recordings button from Menu
Step 3 - Play or Resume your Series or Movie

Step 3: Select your favorite Series, Events, or Movies

On this screen you see many options like Resume, Play from Start, Delete, Stop Recording, More Episodes, and Clear your Series, Events, or Movies

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