How does a RCN Stream App Work? | RCN Stream App Requirements

How does a RCN Stream App work

Note that the RCN stream app is available exclusively to RCN TV customers only and should have at least one android set top box rental. The features and availability of this service will vary depending upon the location and the RCN TV pack chosen. An internet subscription is also required to access the stream TV app. If you meet all the above-mentioned requirements, you are eligible to now download the app and start enjoying. All you have to do now is to create a login ID by entering a username and password at

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The Stream TV app, powered by RCN allows its users to play a maximum of 5 simultaneous Live TV or stream with each account. The number of streams cannot exceed 5 when using it simultaneously.

It is important to know the compatibility requirements of the app which is different in android and apple devices.

With android, the stream TV app is available at google play store to download. Any mobile or tablet running on android 6 or earlier is not supported. The device should be running on android 7 or above.

With apple, the app does not support airplay and the device should be running on IOS 13.0 or later.

It should be noted that the TV programs will be not available outside the US.

How to get RCN Stream App

To have a full access of the RCN’s stream TV app, there are certain basic parameters which need to be fulfilled to be eligible to download and use the app.

  • Your devices should have an active internet connection, preferably 4G/5G network. Data charges may apply, check with your network provider first.
  • You should be an active RCN TV subscriber. Being an RCN TV member gives you unprecedented access to the app. However, the program you wish to enjoy on the app should be included in the channel line-up of your TV pack. For example, your channel line-up must include NFL, so that you can view NFL networks on the app. Check RCN Packages, Deals, and Prices
  • Since, RCN also allows its users to stream Live TV, with all the criteria met, it is a very smooth experience. Live TV can even be recorded with the help of the RCN’s cloud storage and can be watched later with your convenience. In order to view the live TV channels, the user must be connected to the RCN network first.

RCN Stream App Features

  • The app subscribers get full and uninterrupted access to their selected channel lineup. The channels shown will depend on the TV channel pack selected as it shows only those networks which are included in the channel pack,
  • The recently added start over feature is taking the user experience to a different level. The “start over” feature allows the users to start the program from the beginning. This means that the program can be re watched right from where it started airing. The programs can be restarted even till 3 days back but not more than that.
  • The company provides cloud DVR storage which allows the viewers to only watch their favorite shows but also to record them. The recording capacity is limited up till 125 hours. However, this capacity can be extended with add-ons.
  • You can even begin a show in one device and finish it at some other. Note that both the devices should be logged in to same account.
  • One search bar, searches through all the shows, recordings and Live TV. This making the user experience every hassle free and intuitive to use.

RCN Stream TV App Requirements

RCN Stream TV App Requirements

Android Requirements

Your smartphone must be running Android 7.0 or later in order to find and download the Stream TV app from the Google Play Store. Android 6 or previous smartphones and tablets are not supported. – Click here to download RCN Stream TV Android App

Android Supported device

The Stream TV app version 4.6 or later is necessary to access and stream all content, including programming available for viewing at home or away from home*. To get the most up-to-date version, go to the Google Play Store. Note that these programs and the streaming app is limited inside the United States only and will not function outside of it.

Apple Requirements

Your device must be running iOS 13.0 or later to find and download the Stream TV app from the Apple App Store. AirPlay isn’t available. – Click here to download RCN Stream TV Apple App

Apple Supported Device

The Stream TV app version 4.6 or later is required to access and stream all content, including video accessible to watch in-home or out-of-home*. To get the most recent version, go to the Apple App Store. Note that these programs and the streaming app is limited inside the United States only and will not function outside of it.

Streaming Requirements

  • You need to be an RCN TV customer- If the user already has an RCN TV service and android TiVo set top box, you can have the full access to the stream app and all its services. But the programs shown in the RCN stream app are subjected to the plans selected on the RCN TV network. The channels shown are in accordance with the TV package.
  • To have access to Live television, it is imperative to be connected to an RCN network. This means that the user might need to buy an RCN network pack to enable them to enjoy their shows. One account can give access to 5 devices simultaneously. However, one can log in the same account into more than 5 devices but will not be able to use it for more than 5 screens.

Unsupported Devices

RCN TV supports a lot of devices, however, there are some devices which the RCN stream app does not support, they are as follows:

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox
  • Roku Devices
  • Fire TV tablets

The company is working on making the apple TV compatible with RCN TV and the RCN stream app. However, no official date had been provided by the company. They are still in talks with Apple Inc. to make this happen sooner than later.