Know More About Cox TV Packages-Channels and Price

Cox TV - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $50.00/mo – $130.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 75 – 250 plus

Cox TV is not just your regular TV show provider. They are more than that. Cox TV offers services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. They do not just provide streaming services, they also offer customized landline, internet service, smart home security, and TV plans.

Cox TV is a one-stop-shop for seamless entertainment. They offer a great variety of customizable bundles and streaming packages for everyone in the family. And they also allow their users to create customized plans, suitable for their needs. They do not have any hidden costs or charges; their users aren’t bombarded with unexpected bills after months.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cox TV is a one-stop shop, as they provide streaming services along with local cable channels, home security, internet services, etc. Customers do not have to go to different places to buy all these, they can all these services online on the Cox Contour official website.
  • The DVR and set-top box build quality is superior and lasts long.
  • They offer customized plans according to the different needs of the customers. The customers can make their plans and enjoy.
  • Cox TV can be watched on the go by accessing the mobile app available.


  • While they provide all the requisite services, their plans are very costly as compared to their competitors. Cox TV charges the highest for their channels.
  • They are limited to the United States only. One can use VPN, but it reduces the internet speed and streaming quality.
  • They bind their customers for 2 years straight. However, the users can cancel their subscription but just adds another cost to the bucket.

Cox TV Packages and Prices:

PackagePriceNumber of TV Channel
Contour TV Starter$50/mo75+
Contour TV Preferred$90/mo140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus$110/mo170+
Contour TV Ultimate$130/mo250+

Exciting TV plans to choose from:

Cox TV offers a variety of TV packs, best suited for everybody. The plans are bifurcated into 4 levels according to the service provided.
The plans are as follows:

  • Contour TV Starter: This is the base plan by Cox TV and contains more than 75 local channels. The pack comes with popular broadcasts channels like CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. Cox TV allow their users to add one premium channel of their choice for 12 months for free. The cost of the plan $50 per month with no hidden charges.
  • Contour TV Preferred: The plan includes more than 140 local TV channels along with all cable TV channels including renounced channels like Nickelodeon, USA, ESPN, etc. The cost of the plan is $90 per month and also comes with 50 commercial-free music channels. Users can add one premium channel for free for 12 months with this pack.
  • Contour TV Preferred Plus: This is the 3rd level of all packages and costs $110 per month. Contour TV is preferred plus contains more than 170 local channels along with all available cable TV channels.
    The package comes with one voice remote, one DVR, and the access to Cox mobile app. The plan includes popular channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, etc. This is a complete family package.
  • Contour TV Ultimate: As the name says, is the most equipped TV channel package and contains for than 250 local and cable TV channels, premium channels, top broadcasts channels like PBS, CW, NBC along channels like ESPN, HBO, etc. The cost of the plan is $130 per month and includes kids channels like Disney junior also.
    The users get easy access to popular subscriptions like NETFLIX, PRIME VIDEO along with more than 1000 movies free on platforms like Xumo, YouTube, Pluto TV, etc. The plan also offers come free add-ones like Sports and Info Pack, Sports pack 2, movie pack, bonus pack, and a variety pack.

Cox TV Streaming Only Package and Prices:

This plan is valid on streaming services only and costs $5 per month. The viewers can stream their favorite content in 4K resolution and watch thousands of free TV shows and movies available on the Contour streaming player.

Cox TV Best Sports Package:

Although Cox TV allows its viewers to make their plans suitable to their needs, it is advisable to buy the Contour TV ultimate plan. The plan is like a king Kong of all plans and contains all the channels fit for everyone in the family. The plan comes with extra sports-related add-ones for free, so the subscribers will not have to pay extra to channels.

However, if the user still desires to watch specific sports-related channels only, they can make their own choice of plan on the official website and add channels they like to watch.

Contract of Cox TV:

Does Cox TV have a contract policy?

The Cox TV requires a lock-in period of 2 years. After the lock-in period ends, the users can relax as the prices don’t increase as much. There is only a 30% hike in the prices after the first year and keeps decreasing thereon. As compared to DIRECTV, which double their prices after the first year, Cox TV has an edge over this.

Cox TV Fees Charged:

It is natural that the company will charge for anything extra demanded other than what is included in the packages.

The extra might include, fees of extra DVR, charges for increasing DVR recording capacity, charges for premium channels add-ones, and local cable TV set-top boxes. The charges may seem like a bummer for the general public, but the services provided by the company are hassle-free and the users are satisfied.

Cox TV Features:

Since Cox TV is not your regular TV streaming platform, they offer other services like a local set-top box of TV channels as well.

The set-up comes in 2 varieties, one is the HD box which costs $10 per month extra for every additional box, and the basic variant which costs only $4 per month extra.

There are extra costs for additional DVRs as well which are $10, $20, $30 per month depending upon the package selected. The $10 DVR comes free with the plan for the first year.

The users can decide according to the needs and wants of the family and buy want suits their budget.

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