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hulu - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $5.99/mo – $70.99/mo.

75+ TV Channels & Thousands of Streaming Library

Hulu has successfully created its buzz around the market for more than a decade. In a world that is flooded with over-the-top streaming platforms, Hulu still managed to stand out by providing hundreds of TV shows and a seamless internet connection. Hulu is not just about streaming; Hulu is about live TV telecasts as well. They offer live TV streaming options which are easier to connect as it eliminates the need for chaotic and lengthy cables around the house.

Hulu was established back in October 2007 and the majority of stakes are now owned by Walt Disney company. Hulu along with Disney+ are some of the popular streaming platforms in the US. They have overthrown many streaming platforms.

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Hulu Packages and Prices:

Plan InfoHuluHulu (No Ads)Hulu (No Ads)
+ Live TV
Hulu Streaming Library
75+ Live Channelsxx
Download & watchxx
Record Live TV
Cloud DVR Storage

One might assume that Hulu’s pricing would be a dagger to the pocket. But guess what? It is a treat for your eyes as well as your savings. The plans are divided into 4 parts and there is also an option for choosing an ad-free plan. The plans are as follows:

  • Hulu: The plan costs $5.99 per month. The company provides an annual discount if the user signs up for 1 year. The annual plan costs roughly about $59.99 and saves 16% overall. This plan comes with on-demand TV shows along with “Hulu Originals” and does not offer a live TV streaming option. The plan contains ads that can be upgraded by choosing a higher tier plan.
  • Hulu (No Ads): This plan is similar to the $5.99 plan but is ad-free. The viewers can enjoy their on-demand TV shows commercial-free. This plan costs $11.99 and does have an annual discount option. However, this plan also does not include any live TV channels. It should be mentioned that although this plan is ad-free some international shows will still show ads due to network differences in different geographical areas.
  • Hulu + Live TV: For all sports enthusiasts, this package includes live TV channels. The plan contains all the channels included in the $11.99 plan + live TV options. The DVR is capable of recording 50 hours of shows and the plan costs $64.99. This package supports ads and the viewers get the luxury of streaming on more than one device simultaneously.
  • Hulu + Live TV (No Ads): This package does not support ads and the viewers can enjoy their favorite TV shows and Live TV channels without interruption. The plan costs $70.99 and is the highest package offered by Hulu services. The plan gives access to the entire Hulu library and can be customized with extra ad-ones. The account can be logged in to two devices and can be streamed simultaneously. The viewers get access to Hulu mobile app as well.

Intuitive Add-ones:

Hulu offers a variety of add-ones suiting the specific wants of their viewers. The plans are undermentioned:

Unlimited access: If you have a big family or are willing to share your account with your friends with just an additional $9.99 per month, the subscriber can get access to unlimited devices. They can log in to as many devices as they want.

DVR capacity: Some of us are working 24*7 and often miss our favorite shows and live TV telecasts. The default recording capacity is limited to 50 hours. However, it can be upgraded up to 200 hours by paying an additional $9.99 per month.

Best of both worlds: If you are someone who falls under both the above mentioned categories, you can upgrade your DVR and the account by fetching out $14.99 per month.

Hulu even offers Español up-gradation at just $4.99 per month and an entertainment add-one at $7.99.

There are some other individual Live TV add-ones as well with HBO max at $14.99, Cinemax at $9.99, showtime at $10.99, and STARZ at $8.99. All these rates are charged monthly.


The live TV interface varies from mobile devices and the desktop. On desktop, you can find the “live” option on the Hulu home screen which shows all the current live shows, recorded live shows, and the information of the shows.

In the mobile app, the live option is denoted by a “bolt” button. Clicking on any show will open with all the information and an option to record it for later.

Hulu Live TV subscribers can enjoy more than 75+ channels including ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, etc. Recently Hulu announced that they are going to expand their Live channel broadcast by including channels owned by Viacom CBS, Paramount Network, Nickelodeon, etc.
Other channels like Teen Nick, MTV2, MTV classic are also available but only through upgradation via the Entertainment add-on package which costs $7.99/month extra.

Speak peak on the Hulu Streaming Library:

The Hulu streaming library is packed with on-demand Tv shows along with Live TV broadcasts. The Live TV option is available subject to the package chosen by the viewer.

It contains TV hits like Impractical Jokers, This Is Us, etc who have a viewer base worldwide. The library also contains Hulu Original shows which are solely available on the Hulu platform and are ranked according to their popularity.

In addition to all this, Hulu offers a wide variety of movies as well. The list can be viewed on the app or the web browser. Some of the popular Hulu original movies are boss level, palm springs, minding the gap, etc.

How to Watch Hulu on TV:

At first, the viewers need to create an account by signing up. This works both for mobile as well as TV.

After signing up, you now have to choose a plan fit for your demands and according to your budget. After choosing, a payment gateway will open, you have to enter your bank details and pay.

After paying for the package, you will arrive on the home screen. The active options available will depend upon the package chosen. However, the viewer can opt for extra premium add-ones as well.

Once you are through with the plan selection, you can run it on supported devices which are Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Mac browser, IOS and Android, Samsung TV, LG TV, Xbox, etc.

Hulu shows can even be streamed on PlayStation.

Can Hulu survive the competition?

Hulu’s services and pricing options cut the competition. The prices are comparatively low as compared to the features offered by the company. The infamous OTT streaming platform Netflix costs $8.99 with their cheapest plan and their annual plan is definitely a throat slit for the pocket.

Hulu’s cheapest plan costs $5.99 and supports HD quality which is absent with Netflix. Netflix subscribers have to pay extra to upgrade their plan to view HD content. With the slight upgrade to the plans, Hulu can offer Live TV channels, whereas Netflix is not capable of live streaming.

Hulu even stands out by its majority stakeholder Disney+ as the rates are cheaper and there are fewer restrictions in viewing PG-13 content online. Disney has a narrower scope when it comes to adding a variety of shows on their platforms. Even amazon prime couldn’t compete with the services offered by Hulu. The platform is popular amongst the youth with cheap rates but they do not have access to Live TV channels as well. Amazon prime annual subscription can exceed $100 which is almost double what Hulu can offer.


Are there commercials on Hulu or is it ad-free?

The answer to this question lies in the package you will choose. The ad-free plans are slightly costlier than the ones with commercials. The ad-free basic plan costs $11.99 and contains all the on-demand TV shows.

If you want to enjoy ad-free Live TV shows and broadcasts as well, you can pay $70.99 and you’re good to go. The cost of the plans varies according to the services demanded.

On how many devices Hulu can be streamed?

Initially, the limit is only 2 devices. However, this can be increased to unlimited devices by paying $9.99 extra per month.

What are Hulu plans?

Hulu plans are divided into 4 categories which are segregated according to ad-free content and live content. The details can be viewed on the official website.

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