MCTV Ohio 2021: Compare Packages, Deals, and Prices

MCTV Ohio - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $20.00 – 50.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 230+ plus

Unlike your regular cable TV provider, MCTV not only provides entertainment but also helps you connect with your family. They offer services which are perfect for an office or residential place. By providing high-speed internet, digital TV, phone, and television advertising, MCTV has been able to emerge as a trusted brand since 1965. Their motto says “goes the extra smile” which means that the satisfactory services offered by the company to its subscribers bring a smile on their faces and even the company goes an extra mile to ensure those smiling faces.

MCTV stands for Massillon Cable Television and is a parent company to many, like, Centre TV Inc, Powhatan Point Cable Company, Clear Picture, Bellaire Television Cable co., and many more. Currently, MCTV is among the top 30 largest cable TV companies in North America, and despite offering a variety of services, they still manage to maintain consistency and satisfaction to their customers. As for the TV services, MCTV has the perfect DVR box for each type of social gathering and residential size. From choosing the channel line-up to getting access to pay-per-view shows, MCTV has it all with one click. After all, MCTV goes the extra mile to bring a smile.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cost-Effective: The lifeline package costs less than $50 and comes with a variety of HD channels and 50 commercial-free music channels.
  • On-demand Access: The company gives access to an on-demand video library that contains thousands of movies and events online.
  • Premium Channels: Premium channels have been segregated from main packs which allow the company to add more feature with the premium packages.
  • Long Presence: Working since 1965, MCTV has been able to keep the trust of its users intact.


  • No Choice: The company offers only two plans and the rest are added into add-ons.
  • Additional Fees: Any extra service is charged by the company and is not included with the package prices.
  • Limited Reach: MCTV has not been able to establish a wide presence in the market and is bound by a limited geographical area.
  • Movies not Available: Although the company claims to have a thousand movie libraries, some movies are area-specific and will not function if outside that area.

MCTV Ohio Packages and Prices:

MCTVohio offers a wide range of packages, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Basic Cable TV: This is the base TV plan offered by MCTVohio and costs $117.95 per month. The package contains more than 230 channels including more than 75 channels that are in HD like CNN, ESPN, USA and many more. The package also comes with complimentary 50 commercial-free music channels.
  • Lifeline Cable TV: As the name says, this package is like a lifeline for people who are constantly looking for entertainment on a budget. The plan only costs $48.95 per month and contains more than 120 channels which include 20 HD channels like ABC, NBC, and many more. This plan also comes with 50 commercial-free music channels complimentary and also contains access to on-demand channels.

There are some customizations available as well which can be clubbed with your existing packages. The add-ons are as follows:

  • Basic Plus: This add-on costs $15.50 per month and contains more than 65 channels including 17 HD channels which also includes kids’ channels. It also gives access to on-demand shows from 20 networks.
  • HD Essentials: This add-on is perfect for sports lovers as it contains at least 10 sports channels like NFL Redzone, HDNet movies, etc. This plan costs $7.95 per month.

MCTV Ohio Premium Channels:

MCTVohio is not only about its channel line-up included in the plan, but also about the line-up of premium channels offered. MCTV believes that some channels hold greater importance and should not be clubbed with basic plans. So, the company offers these channels under the premium channel section. Some of the channels are mentioned below:

  • HBO: These premium channels cost $22.15 per month and give access to on-demand shows via HBO max. This also has 9 channels and HBO on-demand.
  • Showtime and Movie channel: This add-on costs $10.99 per month and contains 19 channels including showtime on-demand. The users can get online access through Showtime Anytime.
  • Starz and Starz Encore: This add-on costs $15.50 and contains a whopping 18 channels. This plan also contains STARZ on-demand and online access to shows through the STARZ App.
  • Cinemax: This premium add-on costs $15.15 per month and contains 7 channels. It also comes with Cinemax on-demand and online access through MAX GO.

It should be noted that the plan costs are excluding additional fees, equipment features, taxes, or any one-time charges. Also, the video-on-demand feature is not available in all areas. The user might be asked to give access to their credit score check. The company reserves the right to change the prices of the plan without prior notice and this also includes online content.

MCTV Ohio On Demand:

The MCTVohio contains a library of thousands of movies, TV shows, premium channels, and other events. The on-demand feature gives access to this library.

The library is segregated into categories which are as follows:

  • Movies: this includes early and new blockbuster movies.
  • Events: This includes comedy specials, concerts, and live shows.
  • TV networks: This contains more than 70 channels.
  • Adult Content: Viewer discretion advised.

How to access MCTV Ohio On Demand

There are several ways to get on-demand access, please refer to the below points:

  • Go to channel 1 or press the VOD button on the remote.
  • Use the arrow keys on the remote to land on the desired category and selection.
  • Select the title and press “play” to watch that channel.

There are some movies and content which are not available in all areas, to know more and other terms and conditions of the company, please the official website at

MCTV Ohio Music choice:

This feature is included in the Basic cable plan and lifeline plan with no extra cost. Now your favorite music is only a remote click away. The plan has around 50 commercial-free channels and has every genre from country to heavy metal. The music choice will tickle your musical bone right to the core.

MCTV Ohio Service Areas:

MCTV provides good quality cable TV services in various areas. Their headquarter is in Massillon, Ohio, and are spread from Western Stark county to Central Wayne county. They cover areas like Canton, Massillon, Wooster, Canal Fulton, Navarre, Brewster, North Lawrence, Millersburg, Salineville, Amsterdam/Bergholz, Woodsfield, Bellaire, West Virginia, and Powhatan and also serve some neighboring states.

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