Optimum TV 2021: Compare Packages, Deals, and Prices

Optimum TV - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $85.00 – 155.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 350+ plus

Optimum is all set to modify your online viewing and streaming experience with the variety of services offered. Today we will discuss one of them i.e., Optimum TV. Optimum TV is a cable brand that offered cable channels as well as access to streaming apps. It was formed in the 1970s and is based in the USA. Since its incorporation, optimum has grown to tremendous heights by offering seamless customer support and hassle-free services.

The USP of the company is that they allow their users to scroll through a sea of channels and apps on a budget. However, there are upgrades available but this one small feature is what separates them from their competition in the US market. Since there’s a whole ocean of channels out there to choose from, the subscribers should do their prior research to choose the option best suited to them and is in their budget.

Pros and Cons:


  • No contract whatsoever – This encourages the users to the subscriber even more as they are not bound under any contract or hidden fees.
  • Variety of channels – Optimum TV offers a vast variety of plans and add-ons which can suit the exact needs of the user.
  • Free installation – Under selected plans, the company even offers free installation to its subscribers.
  • High resolution – plans of optimum TV come with Ultra HD 2160p 4k compatibility. This feature is also compatible with Apple TV.


  • Limited availability – Optimum TV has failed to establish its presence over a wide geographical area.
  • High fees – The company charges high prices for their DVRs.

Optimum TV Packages and Prices:

The variety of plans offered by the company are as follows:

  • Optimum Premier Plan: This plan costs $129.99 per month and contains more than 400 channels. The connection type is cable and contains a sea of HD channels like HBO HD, Starz HD, Sony movie channel HD, TVG network, beIN Sports HD, and many more.
  • Optimum preferred plan: This plan contains hundreds of entertainment channels like MTV HD, POP HD, science channel HD, Cowboy channel, Cooking channel HD, and many more. The cost of the plan is $94.99 per month.
  • Optimum Select: The choice of channels in this pack is included in the Optimum Premier plan and contains channels like A&E HD, CMT HD, GSN, The golf channel HD, MLB network HD, SEC network HD, and many more. The cost of the plan is $94.99 per month.
  • Optimum Value: This plan costs $84.99 per month and is included in plans like the Optimum Premium plan, Optimum preferred plan. This plan contains channels like BBC America HD, Animal Planet HD, CNN HD, CNN headline news, Comedy Central HD, and many more.
  • Optimum Core: The cost of the plan is $79.99 per month and is included in other big plan packages. The plan contains a variety of entertainment and news channels like Yes Network HD, TruTV HD, Oxygen HD, Disney Channel HD, Disney Jr, MSG HD, and many more.
  • Optimum Economy: As the name suggests, it is a budget pack and contains a smaller number of channels than other plans. The cost of the plan is $69.99 per month and contains channels like HGTV HD, History HD, WE tv HD, Bloomberg HD, MSNBC HD, and many more.

Note that all the prices mentioned above are subject to change without any prior notice, and all the services require an HD DVR or cable network to run smoothly. There are other add-ons and foreign language packs that can be clubbed along with the existing packs. To know more, please visit the official website at www.optimum.net.

Optimum TV Best Sports Package:

Which package is best for sports lovers?

Since, a handful of sports channels like included in almost every plan, but for hard-core sports lovers, it is recommended that they should opt for the optimum sports pack which costs $15 per month as an add-on. The plan contains is packed with all the premium sports channels like the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NBA TV golf channel, and much more. If you wish to only enjoy the sports, you can purchase this pack as a standalone plan also. Though, the premium sports channels are present in the high tier optimum TV plans.

Contract of Optimum TV :

Does Optimum TV have a contract?

The answer is No! Optimum TV does not believe in binding their subscription to an annual contract or any sort of hidden fees or termination charges because at Optimum Services, they believe how hard the money is earned and the user should spend it willingly only. This way they become lenient towards their loyal users, and the users do not get a direct hit on their monthly pocket. With no cancellation fees, the users are free to cancel the subscription at any time and the company will not ask a single question.

Note that this does not mean that the users have to pay only till the date of the month they have used the services, the users will require to pay the full month’s price but can cancel that anytime.

Optimum TV Fees Charged:

Does Optimum TV have extra fees?

Although they do not charge for any early termination, there are extra fees charged for any upgrades. The upgrades can include clubbing add-ons with existing packs, upgrading the DVR to increase the recording capacity. The users get a free Cloud DVR small with their premium plans but can upgrade it to a plus or max version. Since the company keeps changing the prices of upgradation, it is advisable to check the current prices at www.optimum.net

Optimum TV Equipment and Features:

The equipment and features vary depending upon the plan or bundle selected. However, the company offers a cable box, cloud DVR storage for recording the shows, voice-activated remote, 2160p 4k resolution compatibility. Along with all this, the company even offers access to streaming apps like the Altice One mobile app. They also offer Apple TV compatibility which is rented but can be permanently owned by the subscriber after 18 months of rent. For internet users, the company provides a high-speed modem for uninterrupted entertainment and customer support is available all day throughout the year.

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