Philo TV 2021: Compare Packages, Deals, and Prices

Philo TV - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $25.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 65+ plus

Formed and funded by Philo T. Farnsworth, Philo TV is another leap in the world of online television. The product is named after its founder as clearly visible and focuses more on lifestyle and comedy entertainment. Philo TV is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, and was founded back in 2009. The product is like a treat to people who are tired of paying big cheques for just entertainment because the policy is lean and the packs are cheap. To create transparency between the company and the users, the company also offers a 7-day free trial to its subscribers along with no contract policy so that they can try and test the service thoroughly and get a hold of what is offered.

Even though the company packs lack live sports channels and local channels, the users still love Philo TV because of its simple and plain policy. Philo TV is supported on devices such as Amazon Fire, Roku, Google Chromecast, some selected smart TVs, and even Apple TV.

Pros and Cons:


  • Single company to offer services like unlimited cloud DVR at just $25 per month.
  • One of the leading streaming platforms for those who enjoy lifestyle and comedy channels.
  • Users can simultaneously stream on up to 3 devices and create up to 10 profiles.


  • Has no live sports or local channels.
  • The plan also lacks news channels.
  • Philo TV is available only in selected areas which limits their user base.

Philo TV Packages and Prices:

The packages offered by the company are undermentioned:

Philo Plan:

The company offers only one plan to keep it simple and plain for the users and save them from the hassles of choosing from a variety of plans. The plan contains over 65+ channels including Comedy Central, BBC world news, Paramount Pictures, and many more. Along with all this, the plan comes with 8 complimentary channels such as cheddar news, Gusto TV, Crackle, players TV, Revry, and some more. The cost of the plan is like a piece of music to ears as it costs only $25 per month with 7 days initial free trial and comes with a cloud DVR of unlimited storage.

Philo add-ons:

  • Movies & More: This add-on only costs $3 per month and contains channels like MGM HD, Sony movies, Reelz, and some more.
  • Epix: This add-on contains hit movie channels like Epix, Epix hits, and epix2. The cost of the plan is $6 per month.
  • STARZ: This add-on is for those who are regular watchers of exclusive hits that are shown on channels like STARZ, STARZ Encore, and STARZ kids and family. The cost of the plan is $9 per month.

Note that all the add-ons mentioned above come with a free 7 day trial period. If the user does not like the particular service, they can cancel anytime and get a full refund within 7 days.

Contract of Philo TV :

No contract, yes you heard that right. Philo TV believes in creating transparency and allows its users to cancel their subscription anytime and restart their membership. This creates a sense of confidence for the company, as they do not fear losing subscribers because they are aware of the fact that quality and customer satisfaction sells.

Philo TV Equipment and Features:

Cloud DVR:

The Philo plan comes with access to a cloud DVR. The users can record and store shows and movies to unlimited capacity as the cloud DVR has no storage limitation. They are the only company to offer this service at such a low price. This is why they have no contract because this plan sells.


Now you might worry about the limitations of the number of streams in devices. This feature is also very convenient as the users can create up to 10 profiles in a single account and can stream on 3 devices simultaneously. No company offers this feature at just $25 per month. Now, users can enjoy shows with friends and family and can also share their accounts.

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