Sling 2022: Compare Packages, Deals, and Prices

Sling - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $30.00/mo – $45.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 30 – 75 plus

Sling TV is a one stop shop for all the TV lovers who hate massive chunks of wires and chords piling up. Sling TV is affordable, simple, and Fast.

Currently, the service is available in the United States but who knows in the future it might be available worldwide. It allows you to watch a ton of channels and save you money at the same time. If in doubt, the users can request a free one-month trial as well. Currently, Sling TV trials are on a hiatus, but they will be available soon. The trial can be claimed by signing up via different apps like Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon TV, etc.

Pros and Cons:


  • Pocket friendly: Currently the company offers the lowest prices bracket in the market.
  • Packages: The 3-tier package system is designed to suit the needs of specific people. 
  • No hidden costs
  • Add-on: Sling TV offers a wide range of cost-effective add-ons to enhance the viewing experience.


  • The build quality of DVR wears off with time. The company can work on providing better quality DVRs that are long-lasting.
  • Sling TV doesn’t have the most channels in the industry

Sling Packages and Prices:

PackagePriceNumber of TV Channel
Sling Orange$30/mo30+
Sling Blue$30/mo45+
Sling Orange + Sling Blue$45/mo50+

Sling is one of the best cable TV alternatives at affordable rates. The packages of the services are carefully curated keeping in mind the needs, wants, and affordability of the people. The package system is divided into 3 tiers, which are undermentioned:

  • Sling Orange: The first-tier package costs the lowest at a bargain of $35 per month. The package comes without any add-ones and includes more than 30 channels. It includes some of the popular channels like CNN, ESPN, etc.
  • Sling Blue: These packages cost the same as sling orange but contain a different set of channels for entertainment purposes. Sling blue package contains more than 45 channels and includes channels offered by Fox local channels, National Geographic, etc.
    The difference between sling orange and sling blue is that they are curated to satisfy different needs. In simpler terms, Sling Orange is for those who are into channels like Disney, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, etc whereas the Sling Blue packages are for those who love to watch local news, informative channels like National Geographic, etc.
  • Sling Orange + Sling Blue: This package provides the best of both worlds at a bargain of just $45 per month. This plan contains all the channels of sling blue and sling orange. With more than 50 channels to offer, it is best for those who are into local news but also have kids who watch cartoons on TV.
    This package is like watching TV on a budget.

Sling Best Sports Package:

With all the exciting and affordable price brackets, the packages might not contain all types of sports channels. One can opt for sling orange + sling blue plan but it comes with minimal sports channels.

To resolve this, the user can opt for a sports add-on which costs $15 extra per month and comes jam-packed with sports channels. Since the default packages contain a thin number of channels like ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, NBC Sports, etc, it is recommended that one should upgrade their package with the sports add-on to enjoy watching their shows thoroughly.

Over the top Add-ons:

Kid’s Add-ons

Also, there are add-ones for kids as well which include Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, etc which costs $6 per month extra. The company even offers a Karaoke add-on which is a fun activity for kids. The add-on contains more than 10,000 songs in English and Spanish Languages and costs around $7 per month.

Premium Add-ons

Sling TV offers a wide variety of add-ons for its users. The company offers big channels like SHOWTIME, EPIX for free for the first month as a promotional offer.

After the trial period, SHOWTIME can be extended by paying $10 per month extra and EPIX can be extended by paying $5 per month. There are premium add-ons.

Sling TV is a treat for all the basketball lovers out there in the US as they offer NBA league passes as well. This is the reason why many basketball enthusiasts love Sling TV. The league pass costs $28.99.

Language based Add-ons

There are language-based add-ones as well. Sling TV does not want its users to limit themselves just to English.
Plan add-ones such as Spanish which costs $10 extra per month and comes with 20+ Spanish channels, Mexico add-on which is $10 per month and comes with 10+ Mexican channels, and some other language add-ons as well.

Sling Basic Requirements:

The requirements differ from the device being used to stream. Sling TV recommends its users to at least have 3mpbs bandwidth on their mobile portable devices and up to 5mbps on their desktop.

It is best to have a stable internet connection which offers a speed of 50-100mbps. This will load content in better quality and will run without buffering.

Sling Equipment and Features:

Like its other competitors, sling TV comes with a recordable DVR. Initially, the recording capacity was limited to 10 hours only which is way less than what the competitors offer in the market.

Sling TV eventually decided to upgrade this without increasing the prices. Now the DVR comes with 50 hours recording capacity with the base plan. However, if this capacity is still not enough for the viewer, it can be upgraded even further up to 200 hours of recording by fetching out an extra $5 per month.

Should Sling TV be considered?

The answer is, yes! It should be. The prices demanded by Sling TV are lesser than their competitors and provide a seamless streaming experience. It is cable-free and does not make your living room look like a garage.

The add-ones are up to the mark and fulfill the needs of its users. Even while their competitors are constantly increasing prices, Sling TV is determined to stay the same and provide quality services.

Sling vs. the Competition:

We all know the popular over the top streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They are all good but what makes Sling TV stand out is their price bracket. Currently, they are offering the cheapest rates in the market and provide quality services.

The DVR up-gradation cost is the lowest and streaming is seamless. It is best for people who fall under any one category offered by Sling TV. They just advise you to have a stable internet connection with decent internet speed.

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