Spectrum TV 2022: Compare Packages, Prices, Deals, and more

Spectrum TV - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $44.00/mo – $99.00/mo.

Number of Channels: 125 – 200 plus

Spectrum TV is the choice of many. What do they do to stand out? No contracts, yes! Spectrum company does not bound its users under any fixed contract and charges. To put a cherry on top, their packages are economical and curated to fulfill the maximum desires of their subscribers under one package.

The service provider covers more than 1/3rd part of the United States across all households. Spectrum TV is currently available in 43 states across the US and is planning to expand its business to the remaining states as well.

Pros and Cons:


  • No contract binding
  • All premium lifestyle and sports channels are available.
  • Mobile streaming app is seamless
  • Spanish channels also available


  • No 4k compatibility
  • A lot of extra fees are charged by DVRs, remote, and broadcasting services.
  • Currently not available in all states of United States
  • Shortage of extra DVRs. The company runs in scarce availability of DVRs often. Also, the recording capacity of DVRs is not enough to record all games. It can only record a few games after that it will need a reset.

Spectrum TV Packages and Prices:

PackagePriceNo of Channel
Spectrum TV Select$44.99/mo for 12 mos125+
Spectrum TV Silver$74.99/mo for 12 mos175+
Spectrum TV Gold$94.99/mo for 12 mos200+

Note – Packages price for the first 12 months.

The Spectrum TV packages are divided into 3 levels according to interests. The user can choose as per their liking.

  • Spectrum Select: This package is the cheapest of all 3 cost $44.99/month. This contains 125+ HD channels along with 5+ sports channels. This package is ideal for casual TV watchers, who prefer local news and lifestyle channels which also includes Disney, ESPN, TBS, TNT, etc
  • Spectrum Silver: This packages costs $74.99/month and contains more than 175 HD channels. This package is for those who have a knack for a handful of premium channels.
  • Spectrum Gold: This package is the most expensive package offered by Spectrum TV. It costs around $94.99/month which contains more than 200 HD channels and 25+ sports channels.

Spectrum TV Spanish Packages and Prices:

Since Spectrum TV is looking forward to expanding its geographical boundaries, they offer premium packages in Spanish also. Each package contains more than 80 channels and the company calls it the “MI Latino”. The packages are segregated into 3 levels as usual and are as follows:

  • MI Plan Latino: The plan contains more than 140 HD channels including Cine Latino and costs a minimal of $34/month.
  • MI Plan Latino Silver: The mid-range plan contains more than 200 channels which include all the channels of the MI plan Latino including HBO Latino. The plan costs $64/month which is upgradable.
  • MI Plan Latino Gold: The highest range Spanish Package containing more than 250 HD channels including all channels of the MI Plan Latino and MI Plan Latino Silver package. This contains channels like STARZ, STARZencore, the movie channel, Showtime, NFL network, etc. The plan cost starts from $84/month. This package is designed for people whose native language is Spanish. The gold package includes all the Spanish channels one can hope to see.

Contract of Spectrum TV:

With all the exciting pocket-friendly packages and streaming facilities across all platforms and seamless internet connectivity, Spectrum TV is a home run for you. They do not bind their users under any contract which creates a sense of transparency and the users are likely to stay for long.

They rarely change their channel line-up and are constantly trying to expand their business across the US.

Spectrum TV Fees Charged:

The installation and activation fees are not included in the packages. However, it is normal for a TV service provider to charge extra for remote and DVR. 

  • TV receiver with remote costs $8.99/month
  • DVR fees are $4.99/month
  • DVR fees for more than 2 setup boxes are $9.99/month
  • Broadcasting fees is also extra which is up to $17.99/month

Spectrum TV Best Sports Package:

  • Spectrum TV Select (5+ sports channels, including ESPN and FOX Sports 1)
  • Spectrum TV Silver (15+ sports channels, including CBS Sports Network and NFL Network)
  • Spectrum TV Gold (35+ sports channels and FOX Soccer Plus)

Spectrum suggests that sports lovers should opt for the Gold plan as it contains almost all the sports channels available in HD. The gold includes additional channels like beIN Sports, beIN sports Español, Fox soccer Plus, NHL network, etc. It also contains golf sports channels which are rare in the package and are mostly available as an extra add-on. So, if you are someone who is into a lot of sports and live telecasts, the gold package will be a clean sweep for you.

Spectrum TV Equipment and Features:

Spectrum DVR holds more than 35HD hours of recording or 80SD hours. The spectrum TV app allows seamless connectivity on TV to watch live streaming sports on the go. The smart remote allows to browse channels easily and can be streamed on all android and IOS devices. It is also compatible with Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

Overall, the DVR cost of Spectrum is competitive in regard to other TV service providers. They have an edge over their competition. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • HD TV box: $8.99/month
  • Installation fee: $9.99 for self-install whereas $49.99 for professional service.
  • Late Payment fee: $8.95 which is applied after 30 days of the due date of payment.

Spectrum vs. the Competition:

One might say that the provider has fair pricing as the number of channels is less for less pricing as compared to other TV service providers like DirecTV. However, their pricing is currently more economical than other providers like Cox and Xfinity.

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