YouTube TV Packages & Prices (2022)

YouTube TV - Avg Price, Number of Channels

Avg Price: $64.99/mo.

Number of Channels: 85 plus

In this coming day and age, people prefer online streaming more than anything. The cable TV days are in extinction. Yesterday’s gizmo is today’s junk. What better way to upgrade your streaming experience than with YouTube TV.

Voted “Best premium Live TV streaming service” by CNET, PC mag editors’ choice 2020, we all are familiar with the platform for more than a decade; we recognize the red play button logo. We know how YouTube has revolutionized the ability to view content online. We trust YouTube and we are satisfied with YouTube.

YouTube TV has founded back in February of 2017 and has been in the spotlight ever since. They do not excite you with hundreds of channels offered instead they believe in quality more than quantity. YouTube combines the best of everything in one place.

Pros and Cons:


  • A familiar interface like that of YouTube desktop: YouTube TV has a similar interface as compared to our regular YouTube desktop. The design is simple and intuitive to use.
  • Best in class plan offer: There is only one plan that comes with all the premium on-demand channels. This is where YouTube beats its competition.
  • Unlimited DVR storage: The DVR comes with unlimited storage capacity without having to pay extra or upgrade the pack. As long as the viewer is connected to the internet, they can record seamlessly.
  • Premium channels: There is no need to pay extra to view premium and on-demand channels on YouTube. It all comes with the package. The viewers can enjoy sports channels like NBA, NFL, etc.


  • Internet connectivity: To even view the recorded content on the DVR, one must be connected to the internet which sort of fails the purpose of recording beforehand.
  • Lack of coverage: Even though YouTube offers on-demand premium channels, there are times where it is unable to show live international coverage. To watch that, the viewers might need to find another alternative.

YouTube TV Packages and Prices:

Exciting TV plans to choose from:

YouTube TV believes in excellence which is why they have only one strong plan for their users. The plan costs $64.99 and offers more than 85 premium entertainment channels. This is a huge win for people who are constantly finding ways to cut their costs and stay on a budget.

The plan comes packed with channels like Comedy Central, CNN, ABC, and MLB networks. All these are premium entertainment services that are usually found in add-ones services with other streaming platforms. You can even find good documentaries, action, drama, and many more exciting genres with the service.

They are now even offering 4K plans as an add-on. The viewers can try it for free for 30 days and pay later.

YouTube TV live gives you the benefit of enjoying your favorite shows live on the go.

YouTube TV Best Sports Package:

Voila, YouTube TV is all about sports. They are the official broadcasting partners of the NBA finals championship and the World Series. YouTube loves sports. It is the best place to scratch your sports itch.

You can find the best of sports channels like NBA, NFL Network, MLB networks, etc. These channels are all included in the package. All that with no extra costs.

However, there are a great number of add-ons available on the official YouTube website. The viewers can select their favorite sports channels and also check the availability of the channel by entering their zip code before choosing. With the add-on, you can even get access to the NFL RedZone channel.

Contract of YouTube TV:

Does YouTube TV have a contract policy?

Good news folks! No contract of any kind. YouTube does not want its users to be forced to watch content on there, though they always watch content on their platform is a separate issue. Unlike their competitors, YouTube does not have a fear of losing viewers, because they never do.

YouTube TV Fees Charged:

Again a bingo! There are no hidden fees by YouTube at any point of subscription. They do not charge fees like cancellation fees, broadcast fees, DVR fees, rental fees, installation fees, and many more. This is where YouTube stands tall above its competition.

YouTube TV DVR Features:

This is a one-of-a-kind DVR, or as YouTube likes to say “the only DVR with unlimited storage”. Yes, it is true! The DVR provided by the company comes with no bounds and has unlimited storage capacity and that too with no extra cost.

The DVR is capable of recording simultaneously without worrying about storage. The recordings are stored for more than 9 months on the DVR.

Now you can record entire TV series like The Big Bang Theory or The Office without worrying about the storage. However, one must keep in mind that to view the recordings, one must be connected to the internet at all times. This is a deal-breaker for many users, as no other company offers this kind of service.


Does YouTube TV have ads?

The answer to this question is Yes and No! This is because; the availability of ads on YouTube is subjective. Some of these ads can be skipped as we do for YouTube videos and some of them play in full length. For example, in recorded shows, naturally, all the ads are recorded as well, you can however fast forward those ads. Another example can be live TV, Live TV shows ads, on-demand videos show ads and YouTube Videos shows ads. But if you are a YouTube Premium member, you will not see ads in YouTube Videos on YouTube TV.

How many devices can we use with YouTube TV?

The plan guarantees that we can stream content on up to 3 devices with one account and one family can have only 6 accounts.

Where is YouTube TV available?

YouTube TV is available in more than 99% of the United States. The availability can be checked by visiting the official website and entering the zip code before choosing the plan.

Can YouTube videos be played on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube videos can be played on YouTube TV. The presence of ads will depend upon fact that you have a premium YouTube account or not.

Can I watch YouTube TV while Traveling?

We know this excites you. It is true. You can still watch YouTube TV while traveling in the United States. But YouTube TV comes with a geographical limitation; you cannot watch YouTube TV outside the United States… Read More

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