Can I watch YouTube TV while Traveling?

YouTube TV while Travelling

We know this excites you. It is true. You can still watch YouTube TV while traveling in the United States. But YouTube TV comes with a geographical limitation; you cannot watch YouTube TV outside the United States.

Can I watch YouTube TV while Traveling ?

Since YouTube TV is compatible with almost all the devices in the market, it becomes significantly easy to stream it on your mobile phone. Just sign in and you are good to go.

We all know that YouTube TV recording capacity knows no bounds. While traveling, you can watch your recorded shows on the go, enjoy national networks available across the United States, local sports events and programs, watch YouTube videos on the go, and even continue to record your home network programs simultaneously.

However, the viewing content is subjected to restrictions depending upon your location. What you can see or access on YouTube TV will vary from location to location, national networks will be available all along, but there are viewing content restrictions.

The restrictions are domestic as well as international. Let us walk through the restriction policy of YouTube TV:

  • Live TV: You can be restricted in watching Live TV of say, your home area while you’re traveling. The available Live TV programs will vary upon your location. However, you can find them in your library once the live telecast has ended and enjoyed the show.
  • Recording: YouTube TV does not allow you to record local network shows, movies, or events other than your home area. You can either watch live or wait for the telecast to end.
  • Mobile restrictions: Depending upon your location, some content simply cannot be viewed on your mobile phone. Those types of content can only be accessed via television.
  • No international access: YouTube TV experience is limited to the United States only. If you are traveling outside of the US, your YouTube TV will simply stop showing content.
  • Internet-based: There are shows or events which are completely inaccessible if you are away from your home area. Since YouTube TV is an internet-based platform there are different rights reserved by the local area network, they restrict the allowance of any foreign network to access their shows. This leads to total viewing restrictions.

Advice from YouTube:

If you are someone who travels frequently, YouTube suggests that you at least watch your content from your home area once every 3 months, failing which either your service will stop or you will have to change your home address on YouTube TV.

Also to avoid sports-related viewing restrictions, YouTube asks its viewers to watch channels like MLB once every 30 days. If you plan on moving to a different location, it is advisable to update your address with YouTube within the first 30 days to avoid any restrictions.